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-display your poster,
 single or double
 sided on  the floor
-club house
-retail shop
-sign frame
-fast food chain store
-department store
-poster display

-easy changing of
 poster, photo
-eye-catching frame
-durable, non-rust
-easy assembly
-single or
 double sided     
-special size

ask for more info:
price list / frame colour sample



sign & poster stand-poster display, sign, A4size...upto 70x100cm

A complete sign & poster stand consists of
(1) poster frame &
(2) metal stand

poster frame metal stand
poster display on both sides, easy change of poster sign & poster stand model "SOFT LINE"- poster size A1 or 70x100cmsign & poster stand-model "X-Stand", width of stand is adjustable to hold poster from 50-70cm width
FLEXIFRAME poster frames are available in a number of standard sizes (from A4 to 70x100cm) and can be cut to your sizes upon request.oster frame size:A4, A3....70x100cm,or your size Metal stands are available in different design, for long term or short term purpose.


Choose a colour that matches your corporate identity. FLEXIFRAME offers 16 attractive colours to choose from.14 poster frame colour light weight for easy handling or heavy duty base to ensure stablity


Frames are supplied with an open side to enable quick and easy change of posters. assembly with the screws included and ready for use, or dis-assembly and put it aside for future purpose.
FLEXIFRAME offers both single and double-sided exposure to enable you to display your message.  


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demo video

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product catalogue
poster stand
Multi Master

arrow frame 20x50cm with poster stand#2405 or #2429heavy base
Arrow frame
ideal for directional signage, 50x20cm

sub-divided poster frame, A4x3, with poster stand #2405 or #2429 heavy base
sub-divided frame
3xA4 frames+ #2415 poster sand

swing wing wall mount poster frame-5 frames/set or 10 frames/set
Swing Wing
wall-mount bracket holds 5 or 10 poster frames, any size

stock clearance

#2400 poster stand poster size : A3(29.7x42cm) HK$570, A2(42x59.4cm) HK$630,  A1(59.7x82cm) HK$720, 4 units only).
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