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3. Photo gallery
shop front glass window, wall mount,
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 poster_frame_27_small.JPG (2285 bytes)

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7-11 便利店 DCH Food Mart大昌食品 波仔連鎖店 優之良品 OK 便利店 活頁海報架
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吉之島禾輋店 CRC 華潤堂 Yoshinoya吉野家 聖安娜餅店 16 frame colour
Ceiling suspension - C-hook, suspension chain,
1_07_De_Post_c_small.jpg (2462 bytes) 1_13_Jeans_c_small.jpg (2164 bytes) 1_15_Hanging_frame_c_small.jpg (2195 bytes) 1_37_CocaCola_c_small.jpg (2456 bytes) BurgerKingphoto-1_small.jpg (2168 bytes) 1_34_Swing_wing_small.JPG (2552 bytes)
A4x3 poster frame     A4x3 poster frame                               Sharp ideas:                                                A frame
Flexi_103-03-sk_small.jpg (2380 bytes) 1_31_Window_small.JPG (1584 bytes) poster-frame-Burger-King_small.jpg (2751 bytes) poster_frame_33_small.JPG (2101 bytes) puzzle_3D-2_small.jpg (2343 bytes) poster_frame_39_small.jpg (1806 bytes)
table top, reception desk,                                                      aluminium poster frame
2_27_Seacat_c_small.jpg (1916 bytes) Table01_c_small.jpg (3032 bytes) SnappyFrame_4.jpg (17834 bytes) notice-board-1s.jpg (16849 bytes)
notice board
sign & poster stand
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demo video
1.Flexiframe   2. notice board  3. A-frame

sub-divided frame, A4x3, poster can be changed individually
sub-divided frame
3xA4 frames,  wall-mount, suspended from ceiling, floor stand

arrow sign frame to show direction
Arrow frame
ideal for directional signage, 50x20cm

swing wing poster frames-5 frames/set or 10 frames/set
Swing Wing
wall-mount bracket holds 5 or 10 poster frames, any size

poster_frame_27_small.JPG (2285 bytes)
A1 poster frame
suspension type

poster frame-hanging, wall mount, floor stand, desk top
product catalogue
download product catalogue-frame, banner hanging rail

more information :1.single or double-sided 2.mounting

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