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-retail shop
-fast food chain store
-department store
-club house
-poster display
-product photo

-easy-changing poster
-eye-catching frame colour
-durable, non-rust material
-easy installation
-single, or double-sided
-special sizes available

Sharp idea:
to turn FLEXIFRAME into a games for your pets:

poster_frame_33_small.JPG (2101 bytes)
Bella "Jump-over"

poster_frame_39_small.jpg (1806 bytes)


poster frame-hanging, wall mount, floor stand, deck top
product catalogue
download product catalogue-frame, banner hanging rail

2. mounting & suspension of frames
poster frame-fixed wall mount poster frame-removable wall mount poster frame-suspension from ceiling
  • #2000 wall mount backet
  • fix 2 pcs of #2000 on the wall
  • hang the frame over the bracket
  • take it down and replace the poster


  • #2001 wall mount bracket
  • insert 3 pcs of #2001 to the side of the FLEXIFRAME
  • fix the #2001 with screws on the wall
  • replace the poster without taking down the frame
  • #2005 C-hook
  • #2006 chain,
fix poster frame easily with 3M VHB double side on smooth  surface Swing Wing poster frame display posters on both sides, 5 frames/set of 10 frames/set

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061027-Stand_0797-lo.jpg (13874 bytes)

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  • 3M VHB (Very High Bond) double side tape
  • mount on flat surface permanently
  • Swing Wing
  • #2013,  5 poster frames
  • #2014, 10 poster frames
  • Each frame displays 2 posters, front and rear sides
  • Table stand
  • A4, A3 size
  • slanting or upright position
Floor stand
sign & poster stand.jpg (43795 bytes)

Graphic6.jpg (9495 bytes)
demo video
1.Flexiframe   2. notice board  3. A-frame

A4x3 sub-divided poster frames, poster can be changed individually
sub-divided frame
3xA4 frames,  wall-mount, suspended from ceiling, floor stand

arrow sign frame to show direction
Arrow frame
ideal for directional signage, 50x20cm

Swing Wing poster frame display posters on both sides, 5 frames/set of 10 frames/set
Swing Wing
wall-mount bracket holds 5 or 10 poster frames, any size

poster_frame_27_small.JPG (2285 bytes)
A1 poster frame
suspension type


notice-board-1s.jpg (16849 bytes)
Notice board


more information : 1.single or double-sided 3.photo


product information contact us