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See how FLEXIFRAME presents your poster, photo, sign, in an eye-catching way

display your poster in color frameFrame insert_2.jpg (25290 bytes) hanging banner, hanging poster frame, price frame, sign frame swing wing 2.jpg (21535 bytes)

-retail shop
-fast food chain store
-department store
-club house
-poster display
-product photo

-easy-changing  poster
-eye-catching frame colour
-durable, non-rust material
-easy installation
-single, or double-sided
-special size available

Sharp idea:
to turn FLEXIFRAME into a games for your pets:

poster_frame_33_small.JPG (2101 bytes)
Bella "Jump-over"

poster_frame_39_small.jpg (1806 bytes)

















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sub-divided framegrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes)

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Notice board

16 Frame colours
3 VELCRO panel colours :grey, black,blue

photo on the righ shows red frame grey VELCRO panel.

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1. poster frame - single or double-sided

We catch your customers' attention

poster frame size:A4,A3.....70x100cm, or the size you request

standard size, special size availabe

poster displayed on both sides of poster frame, 14 plastic frame colorFrames are delivered with top opening on the short side for quick poster change. Opening on the long side is available if requested  

square corner or round courner, poster frame

square corner, or round corner. Specify when ordering



  • FRAME, composed of 4 profiles and 4 corners, is the very basic element of all FLEXIFRAME products
  • FLEXIFRAME poster frames are available in a number of standard sizes and can be cut to your sizes upon request.
  • Choose a colour that matches your corporate identity. FLEXIFRAME offers 16 attractive colours to choose from.
  • Print your logo on the frame profile for increased identification.
  • Frames are supplied with an open side to enable quick and easy change of posters.
  • FLEXIFRAME offers both single and double-sided exposure to enable you to display your message.

             frame_colour_3.jpg (49740 bytes)      
Choose your favourite colour that matches your corporate identity.  FLEXIFRAME offers a wide range of colour to choose from.

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Flexi_103-03-sk.jpg (130182 bytes)

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Graphic6.jpg (9495 bytes)
demo video
1.Flexiframe   2. notice board  3. A-frame

sub-divided poster frames for price, notice, posters, sign
sub-divided frame
3xA4 frames,  wall-mount, suspended from ceiling, floor stand

arrow frame to show direction, comes with a floor stand
Arrow frame
ideal for directional signage, 50x20cm

display 10 posters or 20 posters with Swing Wing poster frames, 5 frames/set or 10 frames/set
Swing Wing
wall-mount bracket holds 5 or 10 poster frames, any size

080306-Snapper_6804-lo.jpg (17834 bytes)
Aluminium poster frame

poster_frame_29_small.jpg (2386 bytes)
more photos...

display your poster in 14 colour frames
product catalogue
download product catalogue-frame, banner hanging rail

stock clearance

#2400 poster stand poster size : A3(29.7x42cm) HK$570, A2(42x59.4cm) HK$630,  A1(59.7x82cm) HK$720, 4 units only).
 2400_6.jpg (14348 bytes)
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stock clearance

model "BLACK LINE" roll-up banner 88x206cm, HK$950, (SOLD OUT ! )

rollup_banner_4.jpg (20519 bytes)
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more information : 2.mounting 3.photo


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