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is composed of 2 parts:
1) aluminium holder - in 2 colour
    gold or silver
2) plastic name (sign) plate
    in a wide variety of colour

1) aluminium holder
- colour gold or silver
- mount on wall with 3M double side tape provided.

2) name(sign) plate
- size : 8.2x24cm
-Text or graphic can be produced by means of :
1) colour print on paper
2) engraving on ROWMARK
    colour sign plate
3) silk screen on ROWARK sign plate



gold door sign

changeable door sign

click photo for detail :



INFOdoor - name plate for room door, department

gold, silver door sign for conference room design
Simply design your door sign within the area of 8.2 x 24cm. Colour print on photo paper with any colour printer or copying machine, EPSON, CANNON, MINOLTA.
gold, silver name plate for office room door colour
gold , silver
changable office door room sign

movable door sign , conference door sign

insert card
to rename you office room, simply pring a new insert card and replace the old one. Anyone can do it.

door sign design

Conference Room,
Meeting Room,
Staff only,
Do not distribute,

Create one for your room now.



movable office door sign

In use-Vacant
Conference Room,
Meeting Room,

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