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ALU Badge - create your employee name badge in seconds.
  • A changeable name badge consisting of (1) a changeable name plate (2) a colour frame (3) a fastener.
  • Changeable name plate make it easy to react to personnel changes. .....detailgrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes)
  • Colour frames  gold, silver. ......detailgrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes)
  • Fastener - a pin. magnet or clip....detailgrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes)
  • ALU Badge is available direct from our stock, making this model the ideal solution when you need your name badges fast.
  • A little creative idea in designing the name plate will make your name badge an inexpensive solution that doen't look cheap.

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ALU Badge - a light weight metal name badge is available in 2 colours, gold or silver.


Each member gives a different outlook to generate your company image

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