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         a changeable name badge
Name plate - desk top printing
    desktop printing
    silkscreen printing
    window type
    brushed gold / silver

    orangeblack / blue

    simple pin / magnetclip


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photo: name cards printed with ink jet or laser printer


    ALU Badge light weight metal, gold/silver
    ROWMARK Badge engraved name badge

Print your Logo, company name, staff name with your desk top computer and ink-jet printer.
  • Whether you wish to design and print your own name card with your computer or request our company to deliver your badges ready-printed with your logo and name, It is your choice.
  • Whenever there is a personnel change, simply print a new name card of your new staff. Your name badge is ready in seconds.

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photo : (1) EC Badge in orange colour, (2) Changeable name card " orange logo and staff name May Lee" , (3) transparent cover.

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