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assemble ISOfabric

ISOfabric booth 3x3

Tension fabric graphic display stand

3 Applications of tension fabric graphic display:

(1) Exhibition stand
The graphic fabric makes it possible to pack away in the smallest of spaces.
LCD holder, spotlight, literature holder, door can be added to the stand
exhibition booth 3x3
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(2) Single frame stand
Ideal for free-standing graphic display, 1 side or both sides,  in open area,  trade show,  shopping mall, club house, retail shops,
        ISOfabric display stand 2x2M
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(3) Wall mount frame
Display product pictures, wedding photos, on the wall.
   ISOfabric poster frame - wall mount
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perfect for exhibition booth or space-only events, local or overseas
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) as backdrop on stage, seminar, wedding,  press release,....
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) mounting for LCD screen
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easily attach 2 display stands at 90º

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No-Tools assembly
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display large graphic in one whole piece, 1 side or both sides
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enlarge or reduce to suit different event
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3 heights: 200cm, 229cm, (249cm, under development)
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perfect for exhibition booth or space-only events
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transport case easily fits into a small car
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reusable, means save money

Standard Fabric Frame sizes:

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width : 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm, 500cm, 600cm, 700cm
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height: 200cnm, 227cm, 2478cm


See how it works






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ISOF-2.jpg (69672 bytes)

ISOF-4.jpg (45541 bytes)

Set up aluminium frame structure

Graphic is printed on a one-piece tension fabric. Simply glide the fabric edge into the frame.

ISOF-6.jpg (92247 bytes)

demo video
ISOF-8.jpg (86051 bytes)

Twist-in foot

DSCN0494.jpg (455803 bytes)
ISOF-9.jpg (81038 bytes)

Arched side foot

DSCN0498.jpg (456702 bytes)


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