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Choose from a wide range of Display Modules,
to build your exhibition stand

How to build a complete ISOframe exhibition stand
(Starter post)  x 1   +  (Display Modules) x n + (Accessories) x n = Exhibition stand

Starter post

Graphic panel module

  post-1.jpg (4577 bytes)grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail

Extn-panel.jpg (4216 bytes)grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail

Midi : 229cm(h)
Maxi  : 249cm(h)
Other height can be tailor-made 
Width for all modules are standardised at 80cm(w)
Midi  : 229cm(h)
Maxi  : 249cm(h)
Product display module Table module
Product display shelfgrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail
                                 (1)                      (2)
Product display shelfgrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail
                              (1)                         (2)                        (3)                   (4)
(1) Rectangular display module - 80(w)x20(d)x34(h)cm
(2) Semi-circular display module - 80(w)x40(d)x34(h)cm
(1) Rectangular table module -      80(w)x20(d)x89(h)cm
(2) Square table module -             80(w)x50(d)x89(h)cm
(3) Semi-circular table module -   80(w)x40(d)x89(h)cm
(4) 90° Corner table module -      72(w)x31(d)x89(h)cm
Oval shelving module Showcase module
Product display shelfgrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail Product display shelfgrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail
                                   (1)                                                                 (2)
Oval shelving module - 80(w)x35(d)x229(h)cm (1) Showcase module, single height - 80(w)x40(d)x229(H)cm
(2) Showcase module,double height - 160(w)x40(d)x229(H)cm
Door module Storage room module
                                    (1)             (2)                          (3)       grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail
Storage room

                       (1)                                                               (2)            grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail

(1) Straight door module - 80(w))x229(h)cm
(2) Curve door module -    80(w)X229(h)cm
(3) Stablising kit
(1) Storeage room module - 80(w)x80(d)x229(h)cm
(2) Storeage room module - 80(w)x160(d)x229(h)cm


Ceiling section Graphic wing modue  
ceilinggrey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail Graphci panel wing
                              (1)               (2)                  (3)      grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) more detail
Ceiling size - 80(w)x150(d)
Ceiling size - 80(w)x250(d)
(1) Straight graphic wing module -    20(w))x229(h)cm
(2) Straight graphic wing module -   40(w))x229(h)cm
(3) Curve 45° graphic wing module - 40(w))x229(h)cm

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Oval post Flying oval post Graphic wing Door with lock

Compact_ends_O.jpg (13613 bytes)

Compact_ends_FO.jpg (14540 bytes)

Compact_ends_GW.jpg (17017 bytes)

Door-1.jpg (61378 bytes)

Midi : 229cm(h)
Maxi  : 249cm(h)
Midi : 229cm(h)
Maxi  : 249cm(h)
Straight : 20cm
Straight : 40cm
Curve : 40cm
LCD / iPad holder Keyboard table Smalll table Literature holder

LCD_Holder_oval.jpg (74912 bytes)

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Round table.jpg (74511 bytes)

Literature holder.jpg (74871 bytes)

LCD holder LED spotlight    
exhibition unit LCD mount

exhibition unit LCD spotlight

available in 2 sizes
for LCD upto 24"
for LCD upto 36"
240 lumen
incl transformer
Showcase, Slatwall panels, shelves

6981319750_995e70acd9_n.jpg (48361 bytes)

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Slatwall showcase, single height
Slatwall showcase, double height
Slatwall display shelf
Transport case on wheels #5040,    holds maximum 7 graphic panels and aluminium posts

Transport case #5040 is combined with 3 separate cases. 2 pcs of LED light can be stored in the top case. Left round case holds 6 pcs of grahic panels, whereas, right rectangular case provides space for the structure, magnetic barss.  
A wrap-around graphic panel, plus a wooden table top, turns the transport case into a reception counter.

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  • aluminium posts can be put indside the left side case
  • graphic panels inside the right side case
  • LED spotlight on the top cover case
  • wrap-around graphic panel turns the transport case into a reception counter
  • wooden table top #5216


ISOframe  counter / table
7031297519_50b4202c90_n.jpg (33607 bytes) 7031297543_4cc2435114_n.jpg (31073 bytes)    
circular counter
height 890mm x Diameter 650mm
rectangular counter
910(h) x 990(w) x 400(d)mm
assembly instruction :grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) assembly instruction :grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes)    


poster frame poster stand display panel backdrop banner stand 11.jpg (8081 bytes) MP2_backdrop_1.jpg (3947 bytes) 5038536920_9bb8e9ef5b_t.jpg (5357 bytes) 3x6booth.jpg (8115 bytes) catalogue stand
Poster Frame Poster stand Backdrop Banner stand Exhibition design (1) Exhibition design (2) Exhibition design (3) Exhibition design (4) Literature rack


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