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Portable, Self-build, Modular, Simple, Flexible and Re-usable

One system, hundreds of shapes....

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grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) display large graphic in exhibition, public area
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) as backdrop on stage
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) built-in LCD screen
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) easily attach table and shelves to display products

grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) No-Tools assembly
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) turn the entire display  to create the shape you need
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) enlarge or reduce to suit different event
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) 2 heights: 229cm, 249cm
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) "i-line graphic aligment system" for perfect alignment if floor is not even
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) perfect for exhibition booth or space-only events
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) transport case easily fits into a small car
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) reusable, save money

6 reasons to select  ISOframe wave :

Portable : can be packed and delivered in transport case for local or overseas exhibitions

Self-build : save sub-contractor labour cost

Modular : choose from a wide range of display modules to design your exhbition stand

Simple : no-tools assembly

Flexible : size can be extended or reduced, shape can be changed to curve or straignt

Re-usable : one-time investment for many times of future events


Flex (or, turn) the ISOframe wave framework and graphic panels by hands to create the shape you need to suit your exhibition design, any events

Stunning looks, infinite flexibility and very easy to use.   ISOframe Wave is the unique flexible and  portable display & exhibition system the world has been waiting for.







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