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         a changeable name badge
Name plate - brushed gold / silver
    desktop printing
    silkscreen printing
    window type
    brushed gold / silver

    orangeblack / blue

    simple pin / magnet / clip



    ALU Badge light weight metal, gold/silver
    ROWMARK Badge engraved name badge


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Photo : Wordings "WINNIE CHEUNG" engraved on ROWMARK brushed gold name plate, inserted into a blue EC Badge holder.

ROWMARK brushed silver/brushed gold name plate presents a brilliant metal-like surface.
  • Logo, names can be silkscreen-printed or engraved on the ROWMARK brushed gold/silver plate, giving a metal feeling background of your name badge.
  • Window opening for staff name can be die-cut on ROWMARK plate. click window-type.

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Photo : Staff name "WINNIE CHEUNG", engraved on ROWMARK brushed silver, and inserted into a plastic blue EC Badge holder

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  • upper photo: staff name "Karen Lam Sales Executive" engraved on ROWMARK brushed gold plate,  inserted in a black EC Badge holder. Whenever there is personnel change, simply change the name plate.

  • photo lower right :staff name " Karen Lam Sales Executive" engraved on ROWMARK brushed silver plate

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