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model "BLACK LINE" roll-up banner 88x206cm, HK$950, (SOLD OUT)

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Roll-up banner stands, banner 88x200cm, HK$880, (SOLD OUT).
 roll up banner
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#2400 poster stand poster size : A3(29.7x42cm) HK$570, A2(42x59.4cm) HK$630,  A1(59.7x82cm) HK$720, 4 units only).
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  Poster Frame   |  海報框(海報架)

poster frame

display poster single or double sided....wall mount, hanging, table stand......16 frame colour to choose from,.....6 standard size...cutom size availale. 

grey_title_arrow.gif (130 bytes) Backdrop   |  組合式展板

backdrop_10s.jpg.jpg (4373 bytes)

modular display backdrop, built with poster panel  or VELCRO panel.......

grey_title_arrow.gif (130 bytes) Exhibition booth  |  組合式展覽系統

exhibition booth

flexible, versatile, reusable, , environmental friendly ....modular booth assembly, save exhibition cost... ....


grey_title_arrow.gif (130 bytes) Display Tower  |  展示檯
display panel tower

display tower (counter), in triangular, square, hexagonal, Y-shape, cross shape ......


grey_title_arrow.gif (130 bytes) Poster stand  |  座地海報架

poster stand

for use in shopping centre, club house, to display posters, promotion message....


grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Swing Wing   | 活頁海報框
Swing_wing_small.jpg (2516 bytes) #2013 - max. 5 poster frames
#2014 - max. 10 poster frames
any frame size. ....



grey_title_arrow.gif (130 bytes)  Aluminium Frame   |  鋁質海報框

080306-Snapper_6802-lo.jpg (19715 bytes)

standard sizes: A4, A3,  A1, 50x70cm, 70x100cm.

grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Display & exhibition  | 組合式廣告畫展架

isoframe-m.jpg (7765 bytes)

ISOframe wave - one system, hundreds of shapes... simply turn the graphic panels to create the shape you need for different events, exhibition.....

grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Tension fabric  | 拉布展架

ISOfabric display stand 2x2M

ISOframe fabric - Graphic is printed on a "one-piece" tension fabric, no graphic matching problem. Lightweight, portable,


grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Pop Up 拉網展架 / 蜘蛛架

Elegance-kit.jpg (18553 bytes)

MP1 - pop up unit to display large graphic wall, ... curve,straight, S-shape.........


grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Reception counter  | 接待桌

MP2_pop_up_Mini-counter_1.jpg (11455 bytes)

foldable reception counter in different design to receive exhibition visitors, or displayproducts.
foldable...easy storage, transport.


grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Banner stand   | 海報 / 廣告畫展架

banner stand

Make the right choice of your banner stand ..........



grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Literature rack   |   資料架

catalogue stand

5 brochure shelves...double safety lock ....all metal.... foldable in carrying bag (or, carrying bag with wheels)

New product

isoframewave-1.jpg (13564 bytes)
wave exhibition system
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3x3M-booth-1.jpg (10595 bytes)
wave 3x3M booth
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cabrio-5.jpg (15325 bytes)
88cm(W) x 201cm(H), changeable logo plate to catch your customers' attention
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Retail Road show Trade show
  poster frame, 16 different colours
- aluminium frame
  sign holder
- sign & poster stand
- banner hanger
- swing wing
- modular display poster panels
- roll-up banner stand
- banner hanger stand
- pop-up graphic display
- counter / table
- ISOframe-graphic display/small or medium space
- EGO-graphic dislay/for medium or large space
- SnapUp, curve, straight or S-shape graphic display
- FLEXIFRAME, poster panels
- BannerUp-roll-up banner stand

Mark Bric Display AB 全球代理商會議 - 德國柏林

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