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Experience the flexibility of FLEXIFRAME backdrop
               FLEXIFRAME display backwall (backdrop), display towers, dislay counters
      backwall (backdrop)     triangular tower  square tower  hexagonal tower     4-way cross     Y-cross    T-cross       built-in tower      built-in counter
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2. Select FLEXIFRAME backdrop step by step

Step 1, select     Link-Up system ,                                     or,                                 Show-Up system

8553379081_c22b51c634_n.jpg (36804 bytes)


8553378931_be70b8e9a1_n.jpg (32898 bytes)

Link-Up system - 2 sets of frame panels are linked together by means of metal connectors. Show-Up system - 2 sets of frame panels are linked together with clip & pole

watch demo video

watch demo video

Step 2 : select display backwall (backdrop), BASIC 4, BASIC 6, BASIC 8, BASIC 10          
             size of Basic panel:70x100cm, Header:70x30cm             
models of FLEIXFRAME display backwall (backdrop)
Basic 4      Basic 4     Basic 6           Basic 6                 Basic 8           Basic 8                Basic 10             Basic 10    
                    with headers                      with headers & spotlight                            with headers & spotlight                                       with headers

                           BASIC 4 + Add-on unit = BASIC 6,      + Add-on unit = BASIC 8

display backwall (backdrop) can be extended as long as you wish

step 3 : select FLEXIFRAME colour

14 colour of poster frame select Frame colour :

step 4 : select panel
dispay backwall (backdrop) with poster panels or VELCRO panels
  • graphic panel - panel with your product poster, photo or graphic design (the left and right panels in the photo)
  • plain colour panel - usually on the bottom part of the backwall for visual effect only (the dark blue panels in the photo)
  • VELCRO panel - for easy changing and re-positioning of photos, posters, annoucement (the light blue panels in the photo)
step 5 : select accessories
brochure_pocket-1a_small.jpg (2106 bytes) brochure_shelf-1a_small.jpg (1908 bytes) 5531434486_1555ebbb1b_t.jpg (2373 bytes) 7271220628_d576f845f9_m.jpg (9135 bytes) 8740304714_e2215ac77d_m.jpg (24979 bytes)      8554483870_fdaf92c568_t.jpg (6301 bytes)

8554483718_24447da718_t.jpg (6225 bytes)

brochure pocket

brochure shelf

Panel base/feet

Spotlight light

Built-in counter

   Carrying bag

Transort case

download display backdrop demo video
demo viedo :
-how to set-up FLEXIFRAME display backrop

standard display backdrop(backwall) with hard carrying case
Basic 8 kit -
8 sets of 70x100cm panels, 4 sets of 70x30cm Headers, 4 spotlight, 2 soft carrying bags.

8740304714_e2215ac77d_m.jpg (24979 bytes)
Built-in counter :


stock clearance

model "BLACK LINE" roll-up banner 88x206cm, HK$950, (only 8 units)

rollup_banner_4.jpg (20519 bytes)
            more info...grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes)




download modular display backrop(backwall) catalogue
download catalogue
display backwall, tower, counter, exhibition kit


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