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Experience the flexibility of FLEXIFRAME backdrop
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 building display backdrop, display towers

      backwall (backdrop)     triangular tower  square tower  hexagonal tower     4-way cross     Y-cross    T-cross       built-in tower      built-in counter
-sales promotion
-product display
-message annoucement
-photo, poster display
-trade show
-club house

-public presentation

-do-it-youself, save contractor cost
-buy once and re-use many times, save money
-re-assembly in many different shapes
- flexible, portable





































1. FLEXIFRAME concept - Put frames together, without tools

display backdrop -take out FLEXIFRAME from carrying bag display backdrop - connect each FLEXIFRAME with metal connectors
(1) 8 frame panels in one carrying bag (2) Connect each frame panel with metal connectors
display backdrop-assemble lower level, then upper level display backdrop-poster panel or VELCRO panel
(3) Put frames together without any tools (4) Poster panel, VELCRO panel, plain colour panel

 Flexiframe display backwall (backdrop) is composed of the following 3 elements:

  • Frame : a colour plastic frame, used to hold different type of panel. Colour of frame: grey, black, white, red, green, blue, brown, yellow, ......, standard size:70x100cm, special sizes available.
  • Panel : 5mm thick poster panel, plain colour panel, or VELCRO panel, single side or both sides, standard size 70x100cm.
  • Connecting accessory : frame panels are linked together by means of metal connectors (Link-Up system), or clip & pole (Show-Up system) to form different shapes of display backwall, tower, counter..

photo below : model BASIC 8, 8 pcs of white frames with poster panels, 70cm x 100cm
5096261040_549eb5bc13_z.jpg (215617 bytes)  

photo below : grey frames with grey VELCRO panels 70cm x 100cm

6104827613_9c9174f2f9.jpg (112602 bytes)

photo below : grey frames with grey VELCRO panels 80cm x 200cm

5530693571_aa12844bd9.jpg (69124 bytes)  


5530940259_ed105216fa_m.jpg (9111 bytes)

5531434486_1555ebbb1b_m.jpg (9126 bytes)

download display backdrop demo video
demo viedo : -how to set-up FLEXIFRAME display backrop

more information on booth design with FLEXIFRAME...

download display backdrop demo video
demo viedo :
-how to set-up FLEXIFRAME display backrop


 standard display backdrop(backwall) with hard carrying case
     BASIC 8 kit
8 sets of 70x100cm    panels,
4 sets of 70x30cm Headers,
4 spotlight,
1 transpport case with wheels.

8740304714_e2215ac77d_m.jpg (24979 bytes)
Built-in counter :

orange_colour_2.jpg (187567 bytes)
select Frame colour :

stock clearance

model "BLACK LINE" roll-up banner 88x206cm, HK$950, (only 8 units)

rollup_banner_4.jpg (20519 bytes)
            more info...grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes)


download modular display backrop(backwall) catalogue
download catalogue
display backwall, tower, counter, exhibition kit


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