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ISObar modular counters are built by assembling straight sections and 30¢Xcurve sections side-by-side. They are easily tranportable and quickly assemble without tools to create a stable exhibition work surface.

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grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) Modular counter in straight or curve shape
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) Exhibition, roadshow, shopping mall, public area
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) Perfect as work surface in exhibition

grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) No-Tools assembly
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) Enlarge or reduce the size to suit different event
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) Different shapes : straight, curve, U-shape, L-shape
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) Transport case easily fits into a small car
grey_title_arrow.gif (844 bytes) Reusable, save money



Choose a straight, curved or customized unit

3-, 4- and 5- section counter units (straight or 30-degree curve) serve as our standard units with each section/graphic panel being 800 mm wide. Extend or reduce with the number of sections you need. 12 curved sections (30 degree) make a full circle. Delivered complete with framework, top shelves and 1 inner shelf/section.

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demo video 1
A straight 3-section standard counter unit. Approx. size: 2,5m (w) x 0,5m (d
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demo video 2
A curved 4-section standard counter unit. Approx. size: 2,7m (w) x 1,2m (d)

Each ISObar counter includes 1 starter and 1 end module and the desired number of extension modules.

A one-section counter is ordered as a ¡§single unit¡¨.

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