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公司招牌 | 立體商標製作 | 人名牌(職員名牌) | 廣告噴畫 | 大廈樓層指示牌(水牌) | 廣告展板 | 橫額

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printabale_name_badge_1small.jpg (13143 bytes)
size of name badge 32X75mm, simply design and print your staff name on paper, and .....                     more....grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes)

company_logo_1_small.JPG (3279 bytes)
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Door sign
Room A (in use - Vacant)
8.2 x 24cn
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grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Sign board  | 公司招牌 / 廣告展板

company sign board

9mm thick acrylic board with logo, text printed ,.....


grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes)3D Signage | 立體商標

3D-company-signage-3.jpg (28694 bytes)

your company logo, name cut out of 9mm thick  acrylic board and  pained with your corporate colour.....                 

grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Building Dirctory  | 大廈樓層指示牌 (水牌)

123456.jpg (3980 bytes)

aluminium floor directory .....can be retrieved easily .......


grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes)   INOFSIGNaluminium   |  鋁質指示牌

123456.jpg (3714 bytes)

door sign for conferencerom: vacant / occupied" 5cm x 20cm, mountedm by 3M double side tape  or screws,.......
grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Name badge  | 人名牌 / 職員名牌

magnetic_name_badge.jpg (25160 bytes)

EC Badge- durable plastic reusable name badge holder, or magnetic fastener,simply print your staff name on paper and, .....

grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Name badge   | 人名牌 / 職員名牌
name_badge_002.jpg (119972 bytes)

ALU Badge - light weight metal reusable name badge holder,.pin or magnetic fastener, simply print your staff name on paper and, ......

grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Name badge  | 人名牌 / 職員名牌
silkscreen_name_badge_6.jpg (10208 bytes)

ROWMARK badge - your company logo, text printed or engraved on 1.5mm thick ROWMARK sign plate, select pin or mangetic fastener, ......


grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Door sign | 門牌 / 座檯名牌

name plate, door sign

door sign, instruction sign, to distinguish departments, direction, .......

grey_title_arrow.gif (860 bytes) Office room door sign | 辦公室門牌

door_2.jpg (2861 bytes)

8.2cm x 24cm, print with your desk top colour inkjet printer.


display & exhibition

Mark Bric logo

display_backdrop_photo_12_small.jpg (1915 bytes)
re-usable display backdrop 
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isoframewave-1.jpg (13564 bytes)
exhibition system
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1_15_Hanging_frame_c_small.jpg (2195 bytes)
poster frame
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stock clearance

model "BLACK LINE" roll-up banner 88x206cm, HK$950, (only 8 units)

rollup_banner_4.jpg (20519 bytes)
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