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FLEXIFRAME concept : from frame to system, without tools

As the name FLEXIFRAME states, the system is so flexible to build, to make changes that no special training is required.   To achieve different configuration of  display backwall or booth, simply link each modular element, (backwall, triangular tower, square counter, Y-cross tower, ......) together to suite your needs. Size of each frame panel is usually 70x100cm. Other sizes. 50x100cm, 30x100cm, are also available in the system.

FLEXIFRAME modular display system is built with frame panels, mainly 70x100cm. Simply putting frame panels together, like playing LEGO, you can design, assemble, or re-assemble your display backwall, booth in many different ways in your future exhibition, road show, public activities. 2 ways to connect frame panels - Link-Up system or Show-Up system.

Link-Up system - Display backwall is built with frame panels linked together by means of metal connectors. Triangular tower, square tower, hexagonal tower, cross tower can be built by using angle-connectors (30 degreens, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, or 90 degrees, 120 degrees) Show-Up system - Frame panels linked with clip & pole can achieve not only a display backwall, but also a square tower, hexagonal tower, cross tower by simply turning the frame panels to the angle required, except triangular tower. (Triangular tower can only be built by Link-Up system - metal connectors) 



用柱夾(pole & clip)連接兩展板 clip and pole

用柱夾(pole & clip)連接兩展板     

2 frame panels are linked with an H-connector. watch demo video-LinkUp

(1)insert clip to the side of frame, (2) snap the pole, (3)snap another frame panels to the pole. watch demo video-ShowUp

select FLEXIFRAME colour that matches your corporate image

展板框邊顏色 選擇框邊顏色

select different panels - graphic, plain colour, VELCRO panel
魔術貼展板(VELCRO panen)
  • graphic panel - panel with your product poster, photo or graphic design (the left and right panels in the photo)
  • plain colour panel - usually on the bottom part of the backwall for visual effect only (the dark blue panels in the photo)
  • VELCRO panel - for easy changing and re-positioning of photos, posters, annoucement (the light blue panels in the photo)
select accessories
A4 資料架 70cm 資料盤 70cm 平檯 照明燈 手提袋 展板背袋 運輸箱
brochure pocket A4 brochure shelf, 70cm product shelf, 70cm halogen spotlight accessory bag carrying bag transport case with wheels

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如何組裝FLEXIFRAME 組合式backdrop 2.4x6M

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display backwall, tower, counter, exhibition kit

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