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Banner Rail (Banner hanger)

Mark Bric produces aluminium banner hanger in 2 models - Slide-In and Snap-Lock available in lengths of 60cm, 70cm,80cm,100cm, 120cm,150cm.  By joining 2,3,4 ....sets of banner hanger,  any length of banner hanger can be obtained : 200cm, 250cm, 300cm, 400cm,...





Slide-In banner rail Snap-Lock banner rail

alum_slip01-2.jpg (44201 bytes) 

punch holes along the top side of banner and insert the white plastic "button".

alum_slip02.jpg (33969 bytes)

slide the banner into the Slide_In banner rail

alum_slip03.jpg (38185 bytes)

close end cap

 connecting 2 banner hangers

join 2 sets of banner rail to obtain a extra-long banner rail

         aluminium banner hanger                        open the banner rail and slip the banner into the opening

                IMPRESSION banner hanger            snap and lock the banner

                        end_cap.jpg (5050 bytes)                end-caps in different, blue, red, black








banner_hanger_1.jpeg (12759 bytes)

A-4-10-01-SAP.jpg (79524 bytes)




Graphic6.jpg (9495 bytes)
demo viedo

download catalogue
banner stand

mor info...150x300cm roll up banner stand
BannerUp "Big Plus" 150x300cm, more info on the next pages.

BannerUp image/suspend 80x300cm banner with Multi Master banner stand
Mulit Master multi-purpose banner stand for graphic banner and poster panel

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