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3 outstanding features, which cannot be found on traditional display system :

(1) Curve end and Flat end

(2) TV mount

(3) Semi-circular counter

-large graphic display backdrop
-curve, straight unit
-shopping mall, bank,
-exhibition, booth design
-in-house conference backdrop

-set-up in minutes
-seamless large graphic backdrop
-MangetPro design, no plastic part to break
- excellent for local & oversea trade show
-10 years' product warranty



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The most elegant and professional backdrop to display seamless large-format graphics

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photo above : model MP1 3x3 curve shape, flat end, TV mount, LED light, transport case/counter

(MP1, MP2 graphic display system are also known as "pop-up" or "spider web" in western market.)

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model MP1 3x3 model MP2 3x3
A more advanced design with "X" cross-braced in the centre of the structure provides maximum stability to hang graphic panels perfectly, even though on uneven floor. A traditional pop-up design at economical price. Hollow cavities in the centre of the structure allows exhibitors  to display products on a wooden shelf.
The TV-mount is an outstanding feature on MP1, allowing exhibitors to mount a 20"TV, max 8 kg, or iPad. TV-mount is not available on model MP2
A Semi-circular counter can be attached to the MP1 structure for product or catalogue display as well as a counter-balance to the weight of TV. (available on curve shape only) Semi-circular counter is not available on model MP2
"Curve end" is a traidiontal, whereas, "Flat end" is unique design on MP1. "Flat end" & "curve end" are also available on MP2.
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3 outstanding features on MP1

-  Cuve end, Flat end 
Most traditional display systems offer only curve end panels on both ends. Mark Bric Display took  one step beyond tradition to offer
Curve End and Flat End.
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       flat end

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       curve end

-  TV mount 
allows exhibitors to mount a 20"TV or iPad, max. 8 kg, on model MP1, .
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-  Semi-circular counter 
can be attached to the MP1 curve structure to provide a table top to display product, catalogue and counter-balance the weight of TV as well.
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VELCRO panel, blue pop up backdrop, S-shape isoframewave-1.jpg (13564 bytes)
MP1 3x3 curve shape MP2-curve VELCRO panel, blue MP2- S shape "new" flexible,changeable shapes

poster frame poster stand display panel backdrop banner stand 11.jpg (8081 bytes) MP2_backdrop_1.jpg (3947 bytes) 5038536920_9bb8e9ef5b_t.jpg (5357 bytes) 3x6booth.jpg (8115 bytes) catalogue stand
Poster Frame Poster stand Backdrop Banner stand Exhibition design (1) Exhibition design (2) Exhibition design (3) Exhibition design (4) Literature rack


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