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Catch your customers' attention with  150cm x 300cm BannerUp   "Big PLUS" 


BannerUp Big Plus 可懸掛標準高度200cm畫布或300cm畫布


Mark Bric 推出的 "Big Plus" 可容納畫布寬度120cm 150cm.   以及3米高的畫布. 此特大畫布面積提供了最新的畫布展示效果 The new Mark Bric "Big Plus" is available in widths of 120cm and 150cm and  height of an impressive 3 meters. These larger sizes offer completely new and improved possibilities to display photos and text message in a roller blind banner casing.





"Big Plus" 配有特長支腳,增加海報支架的穩定性.

"Big Plus" units are equiped with extra long support feet for best possible stability.

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懸掛300cm高度畫布時, 需更換加長腳座

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Roll-up banner stands,
model "Black Line" 88x206cm, HK$980, only 8 units for sale.

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model "ORIGINAL"
banner 88x206cm,        HK$880 (Sold out)

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