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Make the right choice of your banner stand

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model Cabrio-customised with your logo

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  • Mark Bric Display has launched a new design roll up banner stand  - BannerUp model CABRIO, with an interchangeable logo plate to catch the most attenion of your visitors in the trade show, shopping mall, public display area....
  • Your graphic banner is well protected in a metal casing and is simply pulled up. In less than 1 minute, your presentaion is ready.
  • 2, 3 or more BanneUps can be connected side-by-side with a top-rail-connector to form a larger display backwall. More photos in the following pages
  • Each BannerUp is delivered either in a shock-proof carrying bag, or in a hard case with wheels. Excellent for sending to overseas trade shows.

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model Big Plus

roll-up banner stand 150x300cm

more info on the following pages ......

stock clearance

model "BLACK LINE" roll-up banner 88x206cm, HK$950, (only 8 units)

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